The Advantages of Using Crystal Candles Over Other Types of Candles?

You’ve probably seen crystal candles of all different shapes and sizes around your home and have marveled at their beauty. But have you ever wondered what makes crystal candles so unique?

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The Advantages of Using Crystal Candles Over Other Types of Candles?

Crystal candles are more than just aesthetically pleasing decorations; they offer a variety of benefits that can add to the comfort of your home, and boost the value of your property. And even provide insight into your mental and emotional state. If you’re interested in finding out how to use crystal candles to their fullest potential. Here are some advantages of using them over other types of candles.

Longer Burning Time

A significant advantage to using crystal candles is that they are a much better option for those who want candles for the long haul. Unlike other candles, such as beeswax or soy, crystal burns for 40 hours! Plus, you don’t have to worry about them emitting soot from the wick because there isn’t one. It means it’s perfect for use in the home with kids and pets!

Candles in home with kids

There’s no more chance of them knocking over a candle while they’re playing, burning their fingers on it. The crystal design can also be used to help decorate your décor. There’s no need to constantly switch your décor from Christmas tree lights to Hanukkah menorahs every holiday season. You can change the candle type!

Higher Quality Fragrance

One great advantage of using crystal candles is the high-quality fragrance. The natural ingredients and hard wax provide a deeper, more decadent scent. Also, the smell is much more complex and long-lasting because these candles are made with essential oils in a higher concentration than standard candle wax. It means you won’t need to burn your crystal candle. As often or worry about accidentally spilling it on furniture or carpets as you might with other types of candles.

Easy to Clean

You’ll be happy to know crystal candles are very easy to clean. All you need is a good brush, mild soap, and water. First things first – put on some protective gear like rubber gloves and safety glasses just in case there’s an accident with the cleaning materials. Then, dip your brush into water and the soap to create a thick paste.

Next, scrub the sides of the candle until all the wax has been removed. Then dip your brush into the water again and rinse any soap residue before drying it with a towel or letting it air dry if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space in your home.

Safe Around Children and Pets

Another advantage of crystal candles is that they are safe around children and pets. As a candle burns, it emits carbon dioxide, water vapor, and soot. When burning correctly in an appropriately sized container, the amount of water vapor and soot released from a glass or crystal candle is insignificant enough to be considered harmless to those nearby. Plus, the soot produced by flame burning is generally cleaner than that produced by oil or wax candles because it contains fewer hydrocarbons.

Safe Candles Around Children


Many people use candles for decoration and festive occasions, but they can also enhance a space’s mood and create an ambiance that matches your needs. When you think about which candle to use, the first thing to consider is the size of the room you want to enhance. Clear crystal candles are perfect for small spaces because they highlight the area in front of them while being unobtrusive in larger spaces.

They also give off beautiful reflections near light sources like windows or chandeliers, which adds an extra layer of magic. The other great thing about crystal candles is that they provide clean-burning light without adding chemicals to the air.