Better Homes and Gardens Candles

Better Homes and Gardens Candles are one of my favourites because they are more affordable. The glass containers are well constructed and easy to handle. The lid suction cups snugly inside the rim, effectively containing the scent. The candles burn cleanly and consistently.

Secondly, are wax melts from Better Homes and Gardens safe? Discover a whole new way to enjoy your favourite Better Homes and Gardens Candles fragrance. Scent Bursts are compatible with all types of electric wax melt warmers. They are a safe, simple, and convenient way to fragrance your home without creating a mess.

Container and jar candles are the most popular candle types among American consumers at the moment. According to candle industry research, the most influential factors affecting candle sales are scent, colour, price, and shape.

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5 Better Homes and Gardens Candles

1. Better Homes and Gardens 18oz Scented Candle, Red Lava Citrus 2-Pack

Always burn within sight and extinguish before leaving room, don’t burn near things that catch, and keep away from children and pets.

  • Brand Artist Unknown
  • Color Red
  • Item Weight 37 Ounces
  • Scent Musk, Lemon, Orange
  • Specific Uses Scented
  • Occasion Festive
  • Special Feature Scented
  • Theme Fruit
  • Package Information Jar
  • Are Batteries Included No

Invest in some of the best home fragrances available to assist you in creating the ideal atmosphere in your home. Whether you’re going for a warm and inviting atmosphere or a sleek and sophisticated look,

This diffuser is irresistibly impressive, emitting an immediate scent as soon as the reeds make contact with the fragrance liquid. In essence, it smells exactly like a freshly lit fireplace in the dead of autumn. With woody and warm notes of birch and amber, place this enticing fragrance in your cosiest room – a bedroom or living room – and wait for it to waft under your nose.

2. Better Homes & Gardens Red Berry Oak 18oz Scented 2-Wick Candle – 1 pc

The scent of freshly ground cinnamon sticks embellished with pure notes of crushed clove essence, sweet nutmeg & a sprinkle of festive allspice

  • Brand; Homes & Gardens
  • Item Weight; 18 Ounces
  • Operating Time; 60 Hours
  • Material; Glass
  • Scent; Red Berry, Oak
  • Specific Uses; Scented
  • Occasion; Christmas
  • Package Information; Jar
  • Are Batteries Included; No
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage; Indoor

It’s important to make your home a place where you can relax and recharge throughout the long, chilly winter months ahead. In addition, while the furniture you choose will play a large role, don’t ignore the influence of smell in making a favourable impression. The perfume of your home is just as significant as what you’re spraying on your neck before you leave, whether it’s a musky and manly fragrance or a crisper, floral one.

Alluring smells such as heavy tuberose, oakmoss, oud, and more fill this 17oz candle from Better Homes & Gardens, which is strongly fragranced with bergamot and more. Your house will smell amazing with these exotic fragrances.

The elegant 2 wick tapered glass jar candle includes an engraved metal lid, 2 premium cotton wicks, and a soy wax combination that ensures a clean and even burning experience. This jar candle is ideal for creating an upscale atmosphere and blending nicely with any décor.

3. Better Homes & Gardens “ Spicy Cinnamon ” ● Large Candle Jar ● 19 oz

The scent of freshly ground cinnamon sticks embellished with pure notes of crushed clove essence, sweet nutmeg, and a sprinkle of festive allspice.

  • Brand; Better Homes & Gardens
  • Item Weight; 19 Ounces
  • Operating Time; 60 Hours
  • Scent; Cinnamon
  • Package Information; Jar
  • Are Batteries Included; No
  • Unit Count; 1 Count

With genuine fruit extracts and a Cinnamon with Cloves scent, Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick Large Jar Candle is an easy-to-use jar candle.

After a whiff of Cinnamon Stick, Clove and Cardamom take over as the prominent body scent. Finally, it all comes together to leave you with an aftertaste of Bay Leaf and Cedarwood.

With a 100% natural, lead-free wick and premium-grade Paraffin Wax, this large-sized candle burns cleanly and evenly for an extended period. Recyclable and lab-tested to the highest standards.

The enticing aroma of cinnamon and cloves from across the world. Perfume Notes: Cinnamon Stick, from the Top Down Clove and Cardamom are in the middle. To begin with: Bay Leaf, Cedarwood As the name suggests, the top note is the scent’s first impression, followed by the middle letter and finally by the base note, which is the scent’s ultimate impression. Stick of Cinnamon is both sweet and spicy.

4. Better Homes and Gardens 18oz Scented Candle, Blue Fern and Citrus 2-Pack

The frosted glass bell jar has a carbonized printed wood and is filled with a paraffin wax blend.

  • Brand; Artist Unknown
  • Color; Blue
  • Item Weight; 37 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions; 5″W x 4″H
  • Operating Time; 45 Hours
  • Scent; Blue Fern and Citrus
  • Specific Uses; Scented
  • Special Feature; Scented,Burnished
  • Are Batteries Included; No

If you’re searching for a scented candle that’s appropriate not just for the holidays but all year, the Better Homes and Gardens 18oz Scented is the right choice. This intensely fragranced quality wax blend candle with a balsam perfume will undoubtedly fill your home with the scent of the winter holidays. It is waterproof and highly convenient to use and store. This product features a one-of-a-kind design that is ideal for the holidays but can also be used throughout the year. If you’re searching for a scented candle that’s appropriate not just for the holidays but all year, the Better Homes and Gardens 18oz Scented is the right choice. This richly scented premium wax blend candle features the fragrance of b

Blue Fern & Citrus – This Better Homes and Gardens 2-wick candle emits a warm, golden glow. It fills the room with an opulent aroma composed of brilliant palm, blue fern, and jungle greens interwoven with sun-drenched citrus, island orchid, and hibiscus, as well as driftwood and moss.

5. Better Homes Gardens 17oz Scented Candle, Soft Cashmere Amber 2-Pack

Includes two (2) 17 Oz Scented Mottled Candle – 2 Wick -Glass Jar With Atractive Metal Bronze Lid – Paraffin Wax

  • Brand; Artist Unknown
  • Item Weight; 17 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions; 4.75″W x 5″H
  • Shape; Candle
  • Operating Time; 60 Hours
  • Material; Paraffin Wax
  • Scent; Sandalwood, Amber
  • Specific Uses; Scented
  • Occasion; Home
  • Special Feature; Scented,Soft

This one-of-a-kind handcrafted candle is ideal for your bathroom, living room, office, or any other space that may need a boost of aroma. This results in a long aromatic burn. It provides a highly soothing aromatherapy experience and is sure to complement any home decor. It also makes an excellent present for any occasion.

Romantic and silky smooth, this fragrance infuses your surroundings with exquisite richness, inviting you to explore the interplay between musk and florals; sandalwood and vanilla; or amber, frankincense, and citrus. As one of our most “Mmm, it smells lovely, but I’m not sure what it is” scents, this mosaic of contrasts must be experienced to appreciate its warmth and intrigue.

6. Yankee Candle Warm Luxe Cashmere Scented, Classic 22oz Large Jar Single Wick Candle

Long-lasting 110-150 hour burn time. 22-oz. scented candle measures 6.6″ H x 4″ D.100% recyclable in partnership with TerraCycle.

  • Brand; Yankee Candle
  • Color; Blue
  • Item Weight; 22 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions; 4″W x 6.6″H
  • Operating Time; 150 Hours
  • Material; Paraffin Wax
  • Scent; Warm Luxe Cashmere
  • Specific Uses For Product; Scented
  • Occasion; Evening
  • Special Feature; Long Burning

This product seduces us in two different ways. First is its vibrant color that attracts the viewer and gives a fresh look at first glance. The other way is its sensual fragrance that you can feel after opening its jar. You can have various colors including yellow and navy blue out of which, I found navy blue is most attractive among others. The beautiful jar of this product makes it perfect for your drawing rooms, living rooms, and other places where you want to have the elegant look and a soft cashmere scent.

The company of this candle has a partnership with TerraCycle and therefore, it is well aware of the importance of recycling resources. It is one of the leading reasons why this candle jar is so useful and attractive due to its fashionable jar and it can be recycled and reused for different purposes. 

7. NEST Fragrances Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Classic Candle

LUXURY GLASS CANDLE: 8.1-ounce decorative scented candle ideal for home relaxation and entertaining. LONG-LASTING ELEGANCE: Candles crafted with proprietary, premium wax formulated to burn cleanly and evenly for 50–60 hours

  • Country of Origin; USA
  • Brand; NEST Fragrances
  • Department; Womens

If you are a simplicity lover and are willing to get products that have the look resembling nature then hold on because I have a great product for you. The simple and decent packing of this candle makes your tables and shelves attractive and decent. When talking about the variety of colors, it just has a eucalyptus-like color that may not be attractive to most people but personally, I like this color because of the unique shade. 

This glass candle will guarantee to give you a refreshing feeling because the scent of this candle is inspired by mint and eucalyptus therefore when you light this candle, you will get a refreshing and neutral smell. Moreover, the design of its packing is also inspired by these two herbs therefore, it has such a fresh and unique color with a decent design.

8. NEST Fragrances Amalfi Lemon & Mint Scented Classic Candle, 8 Ounce

Product 1: Approximate Burn Time: 50-60 hours. Product 2: Reed Diffuser 175 mL / 5.9 Oz. Product 2: NEST Fragrances Bamboo Reed Diffuser includes notes of flowering bamboo, mingled with a variety of white florals, sparkling citrus, and fresh green accords.

  • Brand; NEST Fragrances
  • Color; Bamboo
  • Operating Time; 60 Hours
  • Material; Glass
  • Special Feature; Alcohol Free
  • Pattern; Candle + Bamboo , 5.9 fl oz
  • Size; Classic
  • Unit Count; 1.0 Count

Here is another candle from the house of the Nest but this time, you can see it has a great variety of colors with the same design. It seems like this company has targeted all types of customers therefore, it is providing the same product in different colors, designs, and packages that any type of user may be interested in. You can have this candle in a pair with the hand soap, bamboo, reed diffuser, or a simple soap that have the resembling fragrance that you have ordered. 

When talking about colors and designs, you can have 17 options that are all perfect but I like the one with a golden mesh design. The bamboo classic has great quality and you will be pleased to use the smooth and fantastic soap. But you must know, it has less operating time than the other products on this list and if you want more burning time, you can have other options. 

9. AeroGarden Harvest – Indoor Garden with LED Grow Light, White

EASY TO USE (GROW) – control panel tells you when to add water, reminds you when to add plant food (included), automatically turns lights on and off for your indoor herb garden

  • Material; Plastic
  • Color; White
  • Style; Harvest
  • Shape; Oval

Here is a different type of product that not only makes your mood fresh but is also nature friendly. We’re talking bout the small indoor garden that looks unique at your tables, shelves, entrance, or showcases and it is eco-friendly as well. I like the way they have maintained all the functions and made it super easy to use through the LED. You can get this product with free seed kits that include different types of fresh and seasonal plants. 

It is amazing to note that you can grow your plant in this indoor garden 5 times faster than in the soil and because of its sensors, you will get notifications about watering the plant and all the conditions related to your plants. I have used this indoor garden and also gifted it to my loved ones because it is a perfect gift for anyone. 

10. Better Homes & Gardens. 18oz Scented Candle, Soft Cashmere Amber 2-Pack, 34658

18oz 2-wick Candle with Printed Flat Bottom Glass with Burnished Carbonized Wood Lid, 37oz including Glass and Lid. 2-pack Soft Cashmere Amber Scented Candles.

  • Brand; Better Homes & Gardens.
  • Color; Dark Cashmere
  • Item Weight; 37 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions; 5″W x 4″H
  • Shape; Round
  • Operating Time; 45 Hours
  • Material; Wax
  • Scent; Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli
  • Specific Uses; Scented
  • Occasion; Home

Here is another candle product that is going to be your favorite because of its sober design and the premium wax that fits the need of every type of user. Because of the high-quality product, you are not going to use it in any season and any occasion. The lid of this candle bottle makes it perfect for traveling purposes or storing it safely when not using it. It offers different types of fragrances but I like the sandalwood best because of the smooth and refreshing feeling. 

When you will buy this product, you will get 2 packs of soft cashmere amber scented candles that are more than enough to be used for 45 hours. But I have seen other products in this list that are even providing more than this usage time. If you want to have scents such as ambered sandalwood, earthy patchouli, and some others, you should see this product. 

11. Better Homes & Gardens. 18oz Scented Candle, Salted Coconut Mahogany 2-Pack, White

18oz 2-wick Candle with Printed Flat Bottom Glass with Burnished Carbonized Wood Lid, 37oz including Glass and Lid. 2-pack Salted Coconut Mahogany Scented Candles

  • Brand; Better Homes & Gardens.
  • Color; White
  • Item Weight; 37 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions; 5″W x 4″H
  • Shape; Round
  • Material ;Wax
  • Scent; Lavender, Coconut
  • Specific Uses; Scented
  • Container Material; Glass
  • Occasion; Home

This product is similar to other candles as we have seen before but the it has the different kind of style and theme that attracted me towards itself. What is more soothing than a sweet and creamy smell of coconut in the room or any other place where I have used the candle for freshness.

The salted coconut flavor is not that much common in other brands. The color of the package is in light color and honestly, I am not so much attracted towards it as other products are doing but I like the sweet and salty combination of its flavor and loving the creamy fragrence. Another thing to notice is the combination of lavender and mahogandi that makes your day more refreshing all the time when you look and smell these candles. 

I like the wooden design on the lid of this candle as the designers have matched it with the coconut combination and wanted to show the relation with nature.

12. Better Homes Gardens 22oz Scented Candle, Summer Strawberry Mimosa 2-Pack

Easy to use and light. Store in a cool place. 2-pack Summer Strawberry Mimosa.

  • Brand; Better Homes & Gardens.
  • Operating Time; 120 Hours
  • Scent; Strawberry, Pineapple
  • Specific Uses; Scented
  • Occasion; Home
  • Special Feature; Scented,Non-toxic
  • Theme; Season
  • Package Information; Can
  • Are Batteries Included; No
  • Unit Count; 2.00 Count

What is more refreshing than the strawberry flavour jar at your side table or show case in summers? At first glance, this jar look like a juicy and sweet jam jar because of the charming color of strawberry flavoured wax. The wooden design of li is also cute but I think, it is making the charming wax color less attractive. In addition to the strawberry, you can also find the candle with the same features but with pineapple fragrance and style. 

When you buy this candle, you will get no other thing with it such as battery or any other product because it is a simple candle jar that is just used to have the charming scent and light your rooms. With 120 hours of operating time, you are going to use it easily and when you are not using it, just close the jar just as a simple jam jar.