We choose to work with natural soy wax and get as many of our raw components as possible from Australian vendors. We conducted an extensive investigation (and testing) and discovered a gorgeous, creamy, 100 percent plant-based, natural soy wax manufactured right here in Australia. We would have wanted to utilise essential oils in our candles. Still, after much trial and study, we discovered that essential oils were tough to maintain a strong aroma throw and were potentially harmful to use in candles owing to the exposed flame. We conducted research and discovered an Australian-based fragrance company that offers fragrant oils, including blends of synthetic and essential oils, safe for use in candles while maintaining a high level of scent quality. We only use scents free of phthalates and parabens and have not been tested on animals. What’s more, they’re manufactured right here in Australia.

Crystal Candles Australia

The final, though most vital component, were the crystals. Each Company Name candle is unique due to the crystals. Our consumers frequently choose their candles based on the crystals embedded in the top. Once again, we could locate a local crystal seller from whom we could get our crystals. Each gem that we purchase is chosen by hand. They are left on the earth overnight the next full moon to be cleansed and charged energetically. Each candle is created with a loving and positive attitude, and when the crystals are implanted into the top of the candle, the crystal’s intentions are purposefully entrenched with it.

Company Name is a labour of love, and it’s an honour to be able to produce crystal candles for you to keep and share with those you care about. Company Name demonstrates that it is possible to take a dream and a passion and turn them into a reality to share with the world. If you’re reading this and unsure how to begin a passion project, I encourage you to get out there and do it. You simply never know where it will lead. However, do you know what? It’s not always about the goal, and it’s not always about building an empire; sometimes, it’s about the journey and the beauty that occurs along the way.

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The more hectic our lives become, the more time we spend indoors and on technology. We rapidly lose touch with nature and our authentic connection to the source.

The need to reconnect and heal is becoming increasingly critical. Crystals are an easily accessible tool that can assist you in accomplishing this. They are extracted from the earth and contain thousands, if not millions, of years of knowledge and wisdom that we may draw upon and learn from.

Our brand is who we are, and we truly practise what we preach. If we can offer spiritual tools to people just like us to aid in their healing and enable them to continue growing, evolving, and becoming better versions of themselves, then what more could we ask for in a life’s purpose?

For thousands of years, crystals have been used throughout the world to attract love, promote luck, ensure protection, and restore health! Today’s gemstones and crystals retain the same power and energy as they did in the past. Healing crystals are now worn or carried not just for their beauty but also for their healing properties.

Each crystal was hand-selected, charged energetically under the moonlight, and implanted onto the surface of each candle. By combining the crystals in the candles, we have trapped the stone’s energy, ensuring that the vibration of the candle is emitted every time the wick is lit and long after the flame has gone out.

Our objective is for your crystal candle to become an integral part of your health ritual, serving as a vessel to remind you to pause and reconnect.

Each one-of-a-kind candle is made entirely of soy wax and a cotton wick and features a unique raw crystal embellished with dried rose petals and palo santo gratings for added appeal.

Frequently Asked Question

How should I take care of my candle?

Please visit our candle care guide by clicking here!

Do you accept customised orders?

Yes! We can accommodate customised orders for special occasions like as weddings, kitchen teas, bridal party/bride-made gifts, and baby showers, among others. Kindly contact our amazing team at Company Name to talk more.

Is it possible to modify my payment method? 

We are unable to modify your payment method once your order has been submitted.

How much does shipping cost?

For orders over $50, we provide FREE standard trackable shipping Australia-wide!
Standard shipping is ten dollars (for orders under fifty dollars). Shipping is $15 for express delivery.

Is it possible to update my address?

Kindly email us at Company’s Email ([email protected]) within one hour after your purchase to request an address change; otherwise, we may be unable to do so.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We send orders within 24 to 48 hours of receipt. Once your parcel has been dispatched, you will receive a tracking number. Depending on your location,


Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with care and attention to detail. Each creation is infused with the maker’s love, intention, and thoughtfulness… and ideal for giving yourself or those you care about the most a sincere present.