Exactly what are “crystal candles?

Chandeliers adorned with crystals are the unique candles you’ll ever own. Crystal infused candles, which are adorned with crystals and botanicals, are extremely uncommon and one-of-a-kind. They’re a treasure that will fill your heart and home with joy and love.

Is it okay to use crystals in a candle if the flame is already lit?

Yes. Using crystals and dried flowers to make a candle is just as safe as any other type of candle. In the eight years that Lemon Canary has been creating crystal candles, we have not seen or heard of any safety concerns about adding crystals or dried flowers to the candles.

What are some creative uses for crystal candles? Is there anything more I should know?

“We are extremely blessed to make this candle for you,” reads the instruction card for crystal and plant candles. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Our unique workshop has painstakingly crafted this crystal candle with botanicals, crystals, or other embellishments (or perhaps a little of each). The crystals, botanicals, and embellishments inside this candle may be lit. Each candle burns differently because of the movement of the botanicals and crystals in the wax. Please do not leave any candles burning unattended at all. Blow out the candle if necessary, and move the botanicals out of the line of the heat. For optimal burning, keep your wicks short (approximately 5mm). Allow the wax to melt to the rim of the pot. If you want to save the crystals at the end of your candle, you can remove them and wash them in warm soapy water. When you’re done, clean your bowl or container, and either have it refilled or find a new use for it. Add a tiny amount of boiling water to the wicks and carefully remove them. Crystal candles are meant to be blessings, and we pray that they will be for you.

Midnight Luna Apothecary Candle

In candles, which crystals are the most sought-after?

Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Peacock Ore, and Selenite are among the most commonly used crystals in candle décor. Tumbles, points, raw pieces, chips, clusters, spheres, and hearts are examples of these crystals.

Do you burn your candle with the crystals, dried flowers, and other adornments in it?

Yes, our crystal, botanical, and embellished candles are constructed so that they may burn with their adornments still in place. Rosebuds and other botanicals have been questioned over whether they pose a fire threat in the past. We’ve never had a problem creating these products over the years. Botanicals tend to sink when they contact wax pools, so we maintain them a safe distance away from wicks. Because every candle that has an open flame poses a fire threat, you must follow proper candle care instructions at all times.

When your crystal candle is done, how do you clean crystals? 

Using warm soapy water to remove any wax residue will bring your crystals back to life.

How can you clean crystals that won’t dissolve in water?

Cleaning some stones with water isn’t an option. Selenite, Red Coral, Calcite, Angelite, Moonstone, and Azurite are among the minerals included. Remember that many crystals whose names finish in “it” are not suited for use in water purification.

Is there a particular technique or strategy for maximising their potential? Does it make a difference if you have goals in mind?

Because we want to make crystal healing accessible to as many people as possible, we’ve designed our products to be as easy to use as possible. That way, even if you’re not interested in crystal healing, you can enjoy our beautiful candles’ distinctive scents while also benefiting from the crystals’ healing properties. Just give our items a little attention to get the best potential out of them. Recite the affirmations we provide on each candle and make sure you believe in what you are saying. This will help you get the most out of your crystals.