Are Crystals and Candles Good for Enhancing Meditation?

Many people use crystals or candles in their meditation practice, which enhances their experience. Crystals and candles are two popular items that many think are important when it comes to meditation and spiritual rituals. Still, there’s solid evidence that they can enhance your practice.

Crystals have zero effect on your ability to enter the meditative state. On the other hand, candles can make it harder to focus on your breathing and still your mind if you become distracted by the flickering light or the need to blow out the flame before it sets anything else on fire. Whether crystals and candles help with meditation or they’re just another distraction from achieving the desired results.

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Overview of Crystals and Candles Meditation

Some people like to use either the singing bowls or quartz crystals to get in tune with themselves, while others prefer using gemstones like amethyst, rose quartz, or smoky quartz. Finally, many people often meditate with salt lamps and Tibetan Prayer Beads. While all these options will work great for your meditation needs, no one type is better than the rest!

Crystals and Candles

The key is finding what resonates with you so you can connect more deeply in every moment. Most experts agree that combining crystal, candlelight, and essential oils is best for enhancing your meditation practice. The relaxation effect can double if you sit in a candlelit room with soothing music playing in the background.

Feature of Crystals Meditation

Crystal is often used in meditation to help make the space feel more serene, relieve stress, or even treat health issues like depression. Of course, meditation with crystals is a personal thing. However, if you want to use crystals for a crystal grid or as part of your crystal meditations, there are some things you should know.

As a rule, you place all crystal points either on your mat during seated meditations or on an altar during standing medications. Such as reaching down and putting your fingertips on them to focus on the flow of energy coming up through the point. However, there are many other ways to incorporate crystals into your meditation practices, so experiment and see what works best for you.

How to do Candle Gazing Meditation

Find a place to sit comfortably, preferably with low lighting, so that you can stare at the flame without distraction. Gaze steadily into the candle’s flame, shifting your focus from different parts of the love (top to bottom). When thoughts come up, imagine them. Little balls of light come from an energy center in your body that gets caught in the wick.

Long Candles

They’re only temporary distractions on your way to mindfulness. In these moments, smile kindly at yourself and bring your attention back to the flame. When thoughts continue a loop or become bothersome, close your eyes for ten seconds, and reopen them. And continue looking into the now-twinkling candle.

Why is crystals meditation popular?

Meditation involves focusing on one’s ideas to calm oneself. The practice around for thousands of years. But only recently accepted in mainstream society as a healthy way to balance life’s stresses. Since it is a skill that takes time to master, most people seek out various types of assistance to make it easier or more effective.

Crystals and candles are just two items used to enhance meditation. Crystals have long been thought to contain powerful healing properties, while candles emit calming energies into a room.