How Exactly Do Candles Work in Witchcraft?

Candles magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting. Candles work is any spell that utilizes candles as one of its chief components.  The magic candle can use for about anything – love, money, health, etc.  Magic is essential in witchcraft, but it’s not as simple as waving your wand and casting a spell! There are many steps to follow when performing candle magic to get the best results. But how to find appropriate candles for your spellcasting needs and intentions?

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What is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is one of the most popular folk magic, used for everything from luck to warding off evil spirits. Candles can make from any wax, such as beeswax or soy wax. The main thing to remember when performing candle magic is that you must treat your candle with respect—burning a candle down entirely and letting it go on is enough to get rid of it! A common way to dispose of a used-up candle is by burying it or throwing it onto burning coals.

Candles Work

It’s also possible to plant them in a pot of dirt and water so they’re not visible. If you want to reuse your candle, let it cool before melting or trim away what’s left. An empowering spell might involve placing dried lavender flowers around the outside of the jar containing the lit candle. At the same time, visualize yourself feeling confident and secure. You could also say an affirmation every time you light your candle.

History of candle Magic

Candles have been used for at least 5,000 years. The ritual process can be called a spell or an enchantment. For example, early church services might include the lighting of candles to symbolize the presence of Christ at mass and prayer for illumination. In ancient Egypt, they had seven-day vigil lights with a special significance to the god Osiris.

In China, it was traditional for people to light candles around the household altar to celebrate Tzu-Kung.  In Japan, two types of temples burned their sacred fires: Kamiyama (saintly) and Mikaiana (propitious). These holy fires were thought to ward off evil spirits by invoking divine intervention and provide light during ceremonies that lasted into the night hours.

History of candle Magic

Do Wiccans Practice Witchcraft?

Wiccans believe that all living things have vital energy and that positive or negative energies can be directed at other people. For example, candles are an integral part of Wiccan rituals. Still, they also serve as decorative pieces on tables and windowsills, acting as a good-luck charm or focus for meditative practices.

So far, there is no scientific evidence to support the efficacy of candles in improving luck or reducing negativity. However, the colors and scents of candles can create specific moods or atmospheres; for example, using red candles with strongly scented aromas can enhance spirituality, while placing green votives around the home can promote prosperity.

How do you pick a magic candle?

The first step is to pick a color. Your chosen color has symbolic significance but should match your intent or purpose. For example, red can associate with fire and passion, green with healing, or yellow with mental clarity.

How do you pick a magic candle?

Then decide on the type of candle. Scents are another aspect that you can use to determine what kind of magic candle is right for you. Candles made from beeswax burn longer, release fragrance, and provide an all-natural product that burns cleanly. The other choice is paraffin wax which comes in different colors. The drawbacks are that they don’t have a scent.

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