Witchy Candles Guide and Inspirations 2023

If you’re sitting there wondering, “Wait, there are such things as magic witchy candles?” Yes, they are real Witchy Candles and they have existed for quite some time. Additionally, if you’re interested in witchcraft, they’re an excellent alternative for novices. Spell witchy candles and ritual candles have been “used throughout time to focus and direct intent while honoring and evoking the divine,” according to Tamed Wild, a magic and lifestyle business.

In its simplest form, Candle magic is an ancient tradition with a lengthy history. Utilizing spell witchy candles entails more than simply lighting them and allowing them to burn.

Witchy Candles are a time-honored household item that has been a part of our daily lives for centuries as both a need and a luxury. We adore candles for their gentle, warm glow and, in some circumstances, their pleasant aroma. Perhaps you’ve wondered how long witchy candles have existed or what materials can be used to make them. What is a candle, and how do they work? If you’re interested in candles, we have the answers!

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Candles are essentially any solid, combustible fuel that has been mixed with an ignitable wick. This means that, while witchy candles are commonly made of wax these days, they are not required to be. Witchy Candles can also be created (and have been) from solid fats such as tallow. Anything tangible that melts and can keep a steady flame can be utilized as a candle.


“Candle” is derived from the Latin word “candle,” which is a conjugation of the verb “candere,” which means “to shine.”

Witchy Candles

At least 5,000 years ago, witchy candles were utilized. Their inventors frequently create “rushlights” by soaking reeds in animal grease. On the other hand, Rush-lights lacked a wick, making them more akin to a torch than a candle in the conventional sense. They repeatedly dipped rolled papyrus in rendered animal fat or beeswax in ancient Rome, and the papyrus functioned as the wick.

Instead of focusing exclusively on who invented witchy candles initially, it may be important to see candles as having been invented by a variety of people all over the world, utilizing readily available fuels at various eras. In India, a plant-based wax was produced by boiling the cinnamon tree’s berries. In Japan, a type of tree nut was used to obtain wax. Early candles in China were created from insect wax. They were formed in paper tubes and wicked with rolled rice paper.

Early European communities relied on animal fat candles, which generated a smoky flame and were frequently offensive in scent. Beeswax candles were introduced during this period but were prohibitively expensive for residential use.

Paraffin was introduced in the nineteenth century. This was a petroleum wax. Paraffin candles were odorless, burnt cleaner than fat animal candles, and were very affordable to create. Fortunately, we now have a range of waxes to select from, so we are no longer limited to petroleum-based chemicals for our witchy candles.

Are you wondering how witches utilize the magical power of colors in their rituals? So, do you have a go-to red lipstick for first dates? That is color magick employed for the sake of seduction. Have you ever lain in the grass on a hot summer day, soaking in the sun’s rays and reveling in how good it feels? You were making use of yellow and gold’s magical abilities.

What is color magick, and how does it work?

“Color magick is the art of invoking a magical response via the use of the color spectrum and the intention of each color,” explains witch and art advisor Sarah Potter. To explore with color magick, you can scatter items of various hues across your home to assist in the creation of distinct energies.

If you’re on a budget and want to experiment without spending a fortune, Potter offers scattering flowers throughout your home to observe how they affect the mood. Who knew that house décor could be considered witchcraft? I prefer to work with candles using the color magick. For example, I use green candles to cast money-drawing charms and pink candles to invoke self-love.

However, my preferred method of utilizing color magick is in my beauty regimen (witchy makeup addicts, rejoice). Naturally, every one of us has preferred colors that complement our style and skin tone, but don’t hesitate to explore with glamour magick. For instance, if you’re feeling worried and in need of some tranquillity, opt for a blue manicure; if you’re in the mood to entice, opt for a glamorous red manicure.

Continue reading to discover the magical powers linked with each color, as well as a recommendation for incorporating them into your life.

Witch Candles 

You’ll adore Witchy candles for the following reasons:

  • Each one is meticulously crafted by hand using only natural components.
  • Our one-of-a-kind fragrances breathe new life into your house.
  • Each Tarot candle contains crystals that have been hand-selected by an expert.
  • You can rely on our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Witchy’s identity has always been heavily reliant on crystals.

Each Tarot candle has two ethical crystals, while Astrology candles have one ethical crystal that has been chosen to channel the energies of the Zodiac.

We’ve compiled our best tips and tricks of the trade to assist you in extending the life of your favorite Witchy candles.

To begin, and most importantly. Trim. Your. Wickedness

We understand that you want to smell its rich, delicious perfume immediately when you want to burn the Lovers candle! However, trimming the wick to 5mm will help your candle burn a little slower and a little longer. Assure that you do this only before lighting the candle that the wax is solid. Dispose of the trimmings in the trash, taking care that none fall into the glass! Those tiny combustible spots must be eliminated permanently.

2. Take your crystals out.

I am aware. They look fantastic. However, we recommend removing your crystals as quickly as possible to avoid slipping into the melt pool. Usually, after around ten minutes of burning, they will disintegrate completely! You may then quickly wash them in hot soapy water to remove any remaining wax residue – they have been carefully selected to guarantee this is safe.

3. Always allow 3-4 hours for your initial burn (until the pooling wax reaches the edge of the glass).

When lighting a new candle for the first time, allow it to burn for a couple of hours or until the pool of wax reaches the glass’s edge. Otherwise, you risk burning the candle to the center and missing out on precious hours of exquisite scent.

4. Having said that, avoid burning your candle for an extended period as well!

5-6 hours is sufficient time to saturate your home with your favorite smells.fbFat animal essential candle will become overly hot any longer, and the wick will become excessively long. Extinguish the flame and allow your candle to set before trimming and relighting.

5. Burn in a well-ventilated area.

Place your candles on non-flammable, heat-resistant surfaces and never leave an unattended burning candle. Additionally, placing a hot candle on an excellent surface such as marble or glass may break the vase.